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I've had my eye on both sets of actions for quite some time now. I'm a PSE user, but those actions have really forced me to consider upgrading. Seeing your photos just makes me want them even more!!

Thanks so much for the calendar freebie! I just love them!!


thank you for linking me to your Blog -you're right: your pictures look awesome!!! Now I really *need* those actions, too -lol


Just stumbled upon your site while looking for other people's opinons on itty bitty actions. I sort of impulse bought them out of my frustration at sucking at photoshop! Glad to hear that they help others make their cute photos even better. Thanks!

Paula Patrick

these are amazing! the truly are wow now.


Many many thanks for the really cute wallpaper !!! it's so adorable !! WOW ! TY !!

Jennifer Hughes

That is amazing! I would love to figure out how to do that with my pictures. So you used both the totally rad and itty bitty tools. You have to buy them separately?


Thank you so much for this beautifull desktop!


I am a beginner at photography with an inexpensive digital camera and Photoshop Elements. Thank you so much for sharing your before and after photos and explain the actions that are helpful to make photos better. I love your weblog!

Theresa Hernandez

Itty Bitty Actions rock!! I have the complete set and just love them!

brenda (mizweb)

Got my April calendar up...so cute, thank you very much! Your new kits are amazing!!!

brenda (mizweb)


wow.. beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I will have to bookmark your site. I really like your art.

Michelle Baker

How fun?! My first visit here and already I am getting free stuff. lol Thanks for the desktop. I already put it up, even though it's not quite April. It sure beats the Neopet thingy my daughter had up there. :)


Wow! Thanks so much for the desktop! And the photos witht he actions are fabulous. I will definitely have to check them out - and can't wait for your ew kits and albums! Thanks, Noelle


Thank you for sharing your darling desktop design. I now have pictures of my twin girls added to the layout and it looks great on my computer!


Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful desktop!


Thank you so much for the desktop calendar.I am gonna get fat looking at it though..it's soo yummy:)

Dale Ann Cubbage

Thanks so much for the darling desktop! Can't wait to use it!



Thank you for the cutest desktop! I've just got my new PC yesterday and wanted something nice desktop for it :) Also, thanks for the wonderful info about awesome actions too. I want to try them soon!


Thank you for the lovely desktop!

Michelle Filo

Thanks for the freebie :) The photos are gorgeous!!!! I was already inpired by your son's pic before and after in the gallery. Went and bought Neat image and use it everytime :) but I have to say I cried when I saw the prices of those hehe going to have to make do with my poor skills for the time being. Thanks for sharing though, now I know what I need to get lol


What a beautiful desktop!!Thanks so much :) Those actions are so neat-what a difference they make!!


WOW Those photos look incredible! And I Looove that desktop. So happy and gets me SO anxious for spring! Thank You!


Wow, those Totally Rad actions are cool!!! Unfortunately, I don't use Photoshop - I use PSE and PSP so I can't buy those but they are way cool! Have fun with them! :)


Oh my gosh, I love that desktop. Thank you so much.

What kit did you use to make it. It is adorable! and did you make the calendar yourself or did you get it from a kit?

Thanks again!


cool photos - thanks for sharing! :-)
and Love the Desktop!! I'll get ready for April, pronto!!! lol!

Kellie (joelsgirl)

Those pictures are AMAZING! I will definitely be saving my money; thanks for the enabling! Thanks for the desktop, too; it's super fun. Can't wait for the new kits, you goddess of creativity.


Love the desktop...thank you!!! and please tell me that it is from one of the new kits!! love it!!!


I can't wait for the new kits Kristie! My birthday is Monday, so I guess that's what I'll be getting.


I am totoally loving the new actions.. totally.. I always hesitate to say I am a pro photographer.LOL but SP assures me I just have to own it! LOL

In all fairness I am into actions to the tune of more than $1000.LOL BUT.... gosh it saves time! and offers clients great consistency.

These new actions have sped up my processing time by about 20%.. and that is worth the money each week! LOL

Audrey Litfin

I always swear that I'm going to quit buying actions but I always get suckered in by those sample pics. I have Itty Bitty Actions but hadn't seen these Totally Rad ones....definitely looking at these. Awesome!


That new desktop rocks!!! I can't wait to see that new girly kit! I am so ready for spring and spring colors! Thanks a bunch! :) Now if only I had made sure to check the day of the drawings ... lol. :)


I think, this is the sweetest desktop EVER!!! Thank you so much, Kristie, this is such a wonderful gift!!!


Thank you soooooo much for the desktop! It's gorgeous...so springy too! You are such a sweetheart!


Oh, GORGEOUS! To the desktop and the photos! TY TY TY for the desktop, it's so pretty - I can never get enough pink stuff :). Gosh, I can't stop looking at those photos - they're fantastic!

Sarah Vrolyk

Thank you SO very much for the desktop freebie ... I just love it! So kind of you to share. :)

Also, those actions are just wonderful. Spendy, but wonderful!!!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

Thanks for the darling desktop! You are so generous with your talents! :)


the desktop is just soooo cute. Thanks--I love looking at all your stuff and reading your blog.


Kristie STOP enabling-LOL! I'm on a tight budget right now cuz we just purchased a 50 acre ranch-woohoo!! I'm waiting for your stuff to come out:) Thanks for the desktop--I looooooove it!!


Ellie W

I just came from your shop and got the beautiful freebies! I just love your work. I just snagged your beautiful calendar as well. I will be adding your link to my Great Beginnings page on my site. Thanks so much! Hugs, Ellie


Thank you for the desktop!!! If that was made with one of the new kits I can not wait to get them!!!!


Thank you for the super-cute desktop! I just love that sweet little doodled bird in the corner - it's makes me happy :) Have a wonderful day!

Jennifer Smith

THANK YOU THANK YOU for the adorable desktop! Just seeing this on my computer makes me happy! I know I will get a ton of compliments on it! Thanks again!

Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG Twin! That is SOOOOOOO Totally CUUUUUTE! I looove that desktop! WOO HOO!!! TY girlfriend!

Okay LOVE those actions! SOOOOO glad I got them too! Hope your day is going great! Muah!

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