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this collection is absolutely adorable!!!


this is so pretty!!thank you! and I love enchiladas!!!


Love this kit! Downloaded it the minute I saw it. I am never disappointed with Shabby Princess products!


I love your blog and wow have been wanting to try digi scraping for a while,thank you for the free downloads will have a play and look forward to coming back.
tracy xxxx


I love your desktop designs! But I am fairly new to this and was wondering what size I should make my new document when using your design for my computer desktop? I am ending up with a lot of white space in my finished document.

Thank you!

Lynne Herbert

Created my first digital LO on Friday with one of your free downloads and am so loving digital scrapbooking - purchased the new Yours truly and scrapped for 18 hours solid yesterday and created an album....thankyou for the inspiration! BRILLIANT kit! I've linked you on my blog!


Thanks for the new wallpaper! I love getting these every month.


LOVE IT! Thanks!!

For the mac user out there - I too ran into the same problem. While moving icons to the other side works well, I couldn't ever get them to line up. What I do now is have the computer auto arrange them (on the right) and then select the whole mess and move it over to the left. Works like a charm for me.


you should totally make a google theme! I've been looking for one I like forever to no avail, and I love all of your desktops!!


I'm new to Diggi Scrap and I'm totally falling all over it! Your designs are some of my favorites. I've been on your site, shoppe, blog, etc...today!


Love my new Feb. background!


Thank you so much for your monthly desktops. They are so easy and fun for changing the look of my computer each month. I teach a digital scrapbooking class for some of my friends, and one of them used the Yours Truly kit to do a really cute layout using a template that I designed. You can see it here: http://www.janellefam.blogspot.com/ We all love your designs!!


The desktop is darling. Thanks for sharing. I am going to enjoy February even more because of it.


woo hoo, got my February desktop!!! Thanks again girlie!


Thank you for all your free pages I love them! I also use your tutorials quite a bit for scrapbooking. I had a question, I just got into digi scrapbooking and was wondering if you had any tutorials on how to use a template for photoshop cs2. Any info would be appreicated. Thanks


This desktop is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us!


Thank you so much for another adorable desktop!! Just went to the shoppe and picked up your wonderful new kit Yours Truly along with the Expressions and Badge Album. Lots of fun!!! Thanks again!

Kay Ranft

Thanks for the desktop!

The Muse

you are certainly talented !!!


Thank you so much! I am so happy I came upon your blog. I downloaded this, put it up on my desktop and even blogged about it today (well, in the midst of doing that right now). What a fabulous idea!


To Laura Wiles - I have a MAC too and all you have to do is move them to the other side of your desktop. You main icon for your HD with stay in the upper right corner but everything else will move. If you have you dock on that side you can move that too under system preferences. HTH! (FYI the icons list on the other side for PC's and I don't think it is as easy to move them as it is with a MAC)

Laura Wiles

I am a relatively new customer and just started using your desktops (which I love, thanks!!) but I have a problem or question...I am a MAC user and the icons on my desktop line the right side of my screen. I have tried to move them over to the left side but it appears that MAC does not allow this w/ desktops. Your desktop files are created w/ the "goods" on the right side, leaving space on the left for icons I assume. This leaves my desktop looking "lopsided" and crowded on the right. Is there a way to flip the image so my icons on the right aren't mixed in w/ the pretty graphics or is there another way to make this work for me? Maybe someone out there has a tip.


I love your desktop calendars! I use them every month! Thanks so much!


Thanksss!!! Your desktop is again BEAUTIFUL!!! really!! thank you again!! ^^


It's a great desktop again! Thank you very much!! Greetz, Hilda

Mary Elizabeth

I love the new desktop! I look forward to these each month almost as much as the new products. LOVE the new stuff .. as always EXCELLENT and makes me wonder where to start.You make me want to get all my scrapbooks up to date and throw out all my :old school" scrapbooking stuff and go totally digital. ;) I am loving it all. Kiss your brain for a job well done!


Thanks so much for this beautiful calendar!!!


Thanks so much for the new beautiful desktop, I already have it on mine *lol* Can't wait for that recipe, sounds yummy.
Have a great weekend,leavin some luv : )

Karin O'Brien

WONDERFUL! Thanks again for the fantastic desktops!!!


Thank you so much for the lovely desktop!


Thank you for this lovely and timely desktop. It will be well-loved.


Thank you, I've been stalking for the last couple of days. More gorgeous additions! Love them all.


This is oh, so beautiful. Thank you.

Jackie T

I absolutely love your stuff. I was disappointed that you didn't have a newsletter .pdf. I like to have them to refer to. And I just wish you would post more often, with ideas, examples, tutorials, etc. And of course more kits. But thanks for the desktop. They are great!


Thanks for another great desktop!! Great kit!


Been hopping on all day just waiting for this - thanks for all the great desktops - my husband always loves seeing what I will have for the month! Is the font you used for "February" Amelia? I couldn't find it with the fonts you listed. Thanks again!~Your kits are by far my favorites available!


Thank you so much for the beautiful desktop! I love the 'yours truly' kit..and the wordart..SWEET! Have a great weekend..looking forward to the recipe..

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