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thats so yummy,looks delicious....thanks...


If you like those, you should try Chilaquiles! contact me for the recipe, easy and de los cielos! [ from the heavens!]

Shannon - Desert Designs

Sounds yummy! Being from NM, we adore enchiladas!


You've been blogged, read all about it here:::::

Happy Scrapin' TragedyScrapinAnne aka Kat


Thanks for the goodies! Love the Happy Go Lucky kit & can't wait to scrap!


This looks great! One quick question how did you set up the recipe card?

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Queen of Chaos

These look like a much BETTER version of what I make. I will try this recipe out for sure!

And, of course, I adore the sute recipe card...thanks!!


Yummy!!!! How about if you just come over and make these for me? I've made enchiladas before and it is a LOT of work! And mine didn't even have all these ingredients LOL. And yours look fabulous! Please oh please? Or how about if you cold ship some? Or something. They look SO good. And I'm SO lazy when it comes to cooking these days. Okay, well maybe I'll try it. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much! This recipe looks so easy and yummy!


If that isn't the CUTEST (and yummiest looking!) recipe... THANK YOU!!!


Thanks for sharing. And what a fun way to to share it with us. It will make cooking a little more colorful!


Sounds yummy!!! Thanks so much - I'll give it a try!!!


Aw. That is so sweet of you to share! Is there anything you can't do? :)

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

Thank you so much for the darling recipe card! Now I'm soooo hungry though :) LOL


Sound YUMMY!!!

I'll have to try these soon.


This sounds delicious!! I'll definitely be trying this out... thank you so much for the recipe card too! :)

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