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I have another one using only stuff from your kit (the ribbon in my final one is from somewhere else). I will send it to you if you want to share on your blog....

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Thanks again for the great stuff!

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Sunnie Tiderman

Thanks You !! Fun Desktop !!!


man, emange kamu dapet gbr2 kayak gitu drmn se?
hehehe maklum mash gaptek neh
tuh bayi e sapa?


Love the desktop calendars, as always! And thanks for the super cheery & fun 'Happy Go Lucky' kit. You're so talented :) and oh so generous. Thanks again!


Thanks !!! I love the colors you used. love it..love it... :)


Idk if I left a comment, but this was super cute all month long and I wanted to say thanks!


Thanks so much for the desktop wallpaper! I love it! It brightens my day everytime I look at it! :0)


Again You've been blogged, read all about it here:::

Happy Scrapin' TragedyScrapinAnne


Olá, Sou brasileira e visito sempre seu website pois adoro suas criações.

Até breve!


THANKS SO MUCH! This is adorable!


I've been a great fan of your free kits and have been downloading them for quiet a while now. I was just wondering if you have a tutorial regarding on how to use these fabulous designs on blog templates? I really wanted to edit the look of my blog and I want it ti look just like a scrapbook but I don't know how to edit the html of my blog template.

Thank you very much and I hope you could help me.

Have a great weekend!


just wanted to tell you how much your tutorial helped me. I am so new to digital
blessings, Joann

Jennifer S

Again, my extended family thanks you from the bottom of their heart for your beautiful desktops!

Margie S

What a great kit Kristy! Love it and can't wait to use it. Thanks so much for always making time to treat us to these wonderful gifts :)


A million thanks for the beautiful new freebie kit. Shabby Princess items never disappoint! Thank you so much for offering it and, of course, as always...love the desktop!


Thanks so much for your free kits!


Just been over to download the kit! Wow. I always love your stuff and am amazed at the beautiful kits you give away. I always reccommend ppl come to visit Shabby Princess if they are starting Digital Scrapbooking. I used your calendars all last year but am finally inspired this year to make my own. Thank you for empowering me!


thanks for this desktop. i have been looking for it, too. my question is, being a novice digital scrapbooker, how do i put a picture in there? i have pse 6 but am not very good at using it, yet. HELP PLEASE!!!!


I love this desktop. My screen looks so sunny. It's like a piece of sunshine every time I turn on my computer.


Joan Ervin

This is the first digi desktop and am sooo excited to work with it...thanks sooo much!!! You have an awesome blog, too...I will be spending some time exploring all your fabulous stuff!!!


Thank you so much for sharing these desktops. I love updating my computer with these beauties each month.

Yuka Tomita

Thank you very much for the lovely desktop!
I love them so much.


I love it! Thank you soo much:)

Nancy Grant

Wonderfully done! Thanks so much!!!!



hi,i'm new to the site but i just love this desk top. i've down loaded it.can you help me with inserting a picture, i'm new to digital all together.
thanks so much!

Janet M

Love the kit AND this desktop. I love using the desktop as a jumpstart / scraplift for a 2-page layout since I ususally have the kit(s) used for it.


Thank you for this great March calendar and
beautiful kit.


Thank you so much for this beautiful desktop! I absolutely love it!!

**HELP** I've been trying to download the free "Happy Go Lucky" kit, but I keep getting an error message (I've downloaded all of your other free kits and have never got this message before). It says "Please insert the last disk of the Multi-Volume set and click OK to continue". Does anyone know what this means or why I'm getting it? HELP! This kit is gorgeous and I won't be able to stand it if I can't download it.


Kayene I have the same problem getting my picture to go behind the embellishments as well...curious to know if everyone else can get it to look like it belongs there. :)


I love this desktop and the awesome kit! It is perfect for my birthday month! thanks!


Thank you for the desktop (and the kit)!! Love them - as I have loved the ones before it!


I have been downloading your free desktops for awhile now and this one is my most favorite! Thanks so much for all you work and for sharing it with us all.
Now I have a stupid question. I'm not really good at the photoshop thing, but I do know Print Shop well. How do I make my picutre look like it was placed behind the flowers. I know this is a "no brainer" for those of you that are seasoned vetrans. I even took a photoshop class and the teacher didn't know what I was talking about. Please help. Is there a tutorial or something?

Karen D

Loooove it! Thank you so much for sharing!

Andrea D

Thank you!! The desktop calendar is GORGEOUS!! Off to check out that kit!!!


Your calendars are always the best! Thanks.

Angie Hinksman

super cute!!!! thanks sooooo much :)



Thank you so much for the cute desktop!


It's FABULOUS! As always :)
Thank you so much!!

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