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Adidas F50

digital offerings. Princess, you rock!
I have been digit


The baby is super damn cute.


I just wanted to say thanks to SP for offering suhc wonderful kits and tutorials and all... I guess you guys got me right into digital scrabbing...

And yes, A happy wonderful and hopefully sunny spring!


I just found your desktop calendars and they are so nice keep them coming!


hahaha cz aku ga isa ingg. jd pake indo ae
hehehe keren man tmpilan blog u
tp ne membuatku bingung
hehehe maklum ga doyan ngeblog


Digital Scrapbooking 4 Hire


I figured it out I love the the free desktops. They are so adorable. thanks


Ya I would like to know that to I think they are beautfull.

Judy Walsh

Thank you for the beautimous DL!

A question...how do I add my photos to the page?


I ordered a site template through LTB Web Designs and saw your site provided the graphics. You can view my site here (still under construction): www.CrossinMyHeart.com I LOVE all of your designs and LOVE the free desktops!!


Thank you for this lovely Desktop.


Soo pretty! I LOVE it! Thank you:)


Thank you! :) Very pretty, nice and soft colors. Thank you Shabby Princess and Nicole! :) I am late in getting this. Can't believe how time has gone by so fast this year. It is already April. I can't believe it. Just now getting my desktop up for the month. Busy, busy, busy... I am sure you know how that is. :) Now I get to go and have some fun with your new sets I bought today. Yay! :)

Ashley Bailey

This is beautiful as always!! TFS!

Jennifer S

Thanks again!


thank you! Beautiful colors!


Love the colours in this months desktop THANK YOU so much!! xxx


So pretty! Thank you!

Bernie daggett

Thank you for the nice April desktop calendar. I love it and appreciate your sharing this. I was looking for the place to sign in to your site as a friend, but couldn't find it, however would love you to visit my site and sign in so that I could visit with you. Bernie


Nancy Grant

Oooo, I so love this design! Thank you very much for sharing!



Thank you! I can't wait to see what is in store!


PERFECT for Texas Bluebonnet pictures - the true sign of spring around here :) Thanks!


Gawgeous!!! I love it! TYFS!!


A very beautifull way to personalize and beautify our desktop.
I'm going to use it.

Kimberly Ponte

My sister got me hooked on these. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to create these for all of us! Thanks much!

Janet M

Beautiful desktop and I can't wait to see what you are busy working on!!! Always such a joy to unpack your kits.


Thank you Thank you! I'm glad it's here early this month. I'm addicted to your desktop calendars :)


Esse desktop está lindo!!!


Brooke - in Oregon

Yep it is officially Spring and yep we had a couple of days of Spring but right now the Orchards have the wind machines on and it is 27 degrees out there! YIKES hope the peaches are ok, the pears can take a little cold.

Great desktop, once again thanks for your generosity!


Thank you- lovely as always!


Thanks so much and Happy Spring!!!

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