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supra TK

Thank you, will continue stalking you ss

Adidas F50

digital offerings. Princess, you rock!
I have been digit

Adidas F50

digital offerings. Princess, you rock!
I have been digit

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ok.it is good.thanks.

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nicole is working on the new one...and someone will post it for you

Ashley Bailey

I am so sorry you are feeling bad! I will pray for a quick recovery. I am out of school now so if you need any help with things, please let me know, ok? LOL....ok, so yes, I am just now downloading MAY's desktop. :P


Yay! Thank you! I have loved using my Barefoot and Blossom kits and can't wait to get something fun for my desktop!

Jenny Dipzinski

I can't wait to see what you girls do this month!! I love your calendars and your digi stuff!! Thanks for all the fun creative things you come up with! :0)


Hello... with all the sales & discounts left & right this april that is soon to an end, I was hoping for an anniversary sale of shabby princess and really saved a budget. I hope it's alright to ask if there will be a sale this May before I would consider the sale for others since the national scrapbooking sale & other major sales & discounts is almost over.

Thank You and more power!!! Shabby Princess is my No. 1 !!!


I wait with baited breath


Thank you, will continue stalking you (nicely of course)!!!

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