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Lately I came to your website and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my initial comment. Keep writing, because your posts are impressive!

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Thank you so much. LOVE the font!

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new to all of this. Do you have a tutorial showing how to add the pictures? Thank yousss

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digital offerings. Princess, you rock!
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Thanks again for the great stuff!

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Sometimes last minute touches can turn out so much better. Your work reflects talent, skill and originality. It'd be a pleasure to download and learn more about your work, keep it up!

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Phew! I keep checking back!

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Thanks for taking the time to chat about this, I feel fervently about this and I benefit from learning about this subject.

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This post is a winner! Love the tips and everything you suggest.. Thanks

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You are extremely talented!! Well done on all your work! I visit your other site often, but this is my first time here, I will be back :)


Thank you so much for the lovely desktop!


I'm in love with ALL Shabby products. Your stuff is really high quality. Thanks for your adorable kits. A forever shopper, Jill


Thanks so much!!!! What a wonderful desktop!!!


Waiting with bated breath for the July desktop.....

Angela Holt

YOu know I never noticed it until now I had downloaded early this month and I had no problems.

I want to let you know that I simply love the desktops! I have been changing mine for about a year now and love each and everyone!

Thanks so much for this wonderful freebie!


Thank you so much. LOVE the font!


and it seems like http://jessicaelaine03.deviantart.com/ has taken some stuff from here too and claim them as her own


http://amazeedveehudgens.deviantart.com/ she's been stealing your art and posting it as her own work


Wow. What a beautiful website. I'm a graphic designer from Tauranga, New Zealand and have fallen in love. Well done.


I'm new to all of this. Do you have a tutorial showing how to add the pictures? Thank you.

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