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UGG Classic Mini

I'm really happy I found it. thank you very much.

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I gotta check it out in more details tonight. Secondbrain sounds very useful to me.


You're AWESOME :)

Love your monthly desktop series, dont ever stop alright!

GO SP :)


thanks so much for your desktops! will keep coming back for more! :)


This is one of my very favorite desktops that you've created!! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your designs!

Jacquie Lyn

I LOVE YOUR MONTHLY CALENDARS! I can't wait for September! When is it coming? :)

Lisa nottsosoft

I keep trying to get on your website to buy a kit and I am locked out. I get an error.


thank you so much for the freebies. Is there some place I can go for a tutorial on how to import my pictures into the frames? The graphics software I use is Printmaster, but can't seem to get it to work right. Help


Thanks for the calendars... I really love them. I was wondering what recommendations you have for widescreen monitors? Sometimes the great stuff gets cut off because the proportion is off... and I love using your calendars. Thanks!


Love it! This is perfect for the summer pictures. Thanks!

Nancy Grant

Thanks so much!


Thank you so much for the free desktops-I look forward to seeing what each month will bring and being able to use them to make my laptop's desktop look so pretty and showcase my favorite pics!!!


TYSM for this cutie!


I love it!!! Thank you. I use them each month!


Thanks for the August desktop calendar -- I'd like it if you could include openings for three photos from time to time for our three grands. Usually, I just plop on another frame but no customization is even better!!! Thanks again, I love your monthly calendars!


Thanks bunches and bunches! Everyone looks forward to seeing my new desktop!


Thanks as always!! Its sooo beautiful!

Janice Yang

I am very much eager to give a look in your new product.i just liked the desktop!!already received the newsletter and i must say you are the best,just waiting to see the new stuff!!!Thanks a lot for sharing,keep up the good job!

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Can't wait to see all the new, and hoping for a huge sale of the old...already loaded my wish-list, lol!!!!! Glad to see the creative juices flowing again and then some..hahahahaha!

Janet M

Oooh, I just got my newsletter and, Girl! You've done it again! You have to know that when you said you were coming out with new things I halted all scrap purchasing so my budget would be SP friendly! :) You never disappoint!


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the giggles layout!!!!! Most I like, but this one I just LOVE!!!!


Thank you! Off to stalk the Shoppe. :)


Perfect as usual. Thanks.

Jenny Dipzinski

Love the Desktop!! Thanks so much!! CAN'T WAIT for the new stuff!!!


Thanks... I love it... :) My photos fit perfectly in it. ;)

Angie Hinksman (lily24)

Great to see you back ;)

hugs and thank you!


Looks great - and EARLY - that's super! Hope you have a GREAT day!


Thanks for doing these desktops! I get so excited at the end of the month to see what you've created for the next month! Thanks again!


Thank you so much! Looks like a fun summer kit and can't wait to see it all and of course add it to my collection!!!


Its gorgeous, thank you .


It is SO cute!


Ooohh.....I can hardly wait! Giggle Box looks fantastic!!


LOVE it!!


Thanks for the desktop! Awesome as usual. I can hardly wait to see the new stuff - have been counting the days!! You always surprise us with gorgeous things!!


Thank you! The new kit look like it will be a good one! I love it when you have new product come out! I can't wait!!


Thank you so much!


Thanks so much!!! Can't wait to see all the new stuff!!!


Thank you so much. I love it!


Thanks very much for the August desktop. I've been enjoying the July one!

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