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Always a treat! Thank U for sharing!:)

Amanda J.

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for this cute desktop!

Marina Oliveira

I've posted before, today... I got so happy with this desktop (on my birhtday's month) that if you want i would like to share with you the deskstops i've done using your templates... I guess i have all desktops you've done... LOL!

Kisses from Brazil


Thanks for the desktop. Excellent as usual.


I always look forward to these. Yours are the best out there! :) Thanks so much for making them and putting them out here for all of us to enjoy.

Jana :)

Marina Oliveira

Hey, dear! Thank you so much for sharing your time. Every month i download the calender desktops and i always put here on my familiy pc using pictures of the one who's gonna have birthday.
This month is me, and is such a tradition here at my house those calenders desktop that today, sep 1st my dad aks: hey daughter, where's the new calender? this is your month, you gotta download it now!!! hahahahahahaha!
thanks you again, everybody who visit me house and see my pc gets amazed with your work.
kisses from Brazil


Thanks so much!


Thanks! My husband is working in Arizona for the next 6 months and I am home in New Orleans with the kids. I love sending him a new picture of us in these beautiful backgrounds for his computer. He loves them too!


Thank you so much for the great desktop. Looks like another fun kit coming up!!!


Love it! What is the font you used for the word September? Thanks!


I like the bits and pieces of this kit! Can't wait for it to come out! Thanks for the desktop


thank you for the september desktop!

Jenny Dipzinski

Another desktop that I LOVE! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity! Can't wait to see all the goodies that you have in mind! Happy Fall!


Thanks! This is so cute!


I love your designs, they are awesome. I just figured out how to add the picture with elements for the first time. Now I can't quite get the image as my background. Do you happen to know how to do that with a Mac? I know how to change it to a picture but for some reason this is being much more difficult. Thanks for your designs and for the help!

Jennifer S

Thanks again! The grandparents love these!


The monthly desktop is always a special treat that I look forward to. I use to just put it on my computer. Now I make one for my husband's laptop. Last month I was late making his and he emailed me wanting to know where his August desktop was! So you are treating two people at out house. Thanks and have a blessed day!


I adore your desktops, thanks so much


Thanks so much and have a wondeful fall!!!


Thank you for this delightful September desktop.

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