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Turns out there's about three different versions of the same potion items; the only difference are their index codes and their weight. Why? Who knows. In any case, it seems the wrong index codes were being used for prizes.

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The first part of this post is definitely off topic but I feel it should be said. The second part refers to my questions.

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Athenrye, I hope this isn't too much to ask, but I created a guide on how to buy and use a Character Seal Scroll. I am wondering if it would be all right to pin this post so all English KO players who visit the forums will use this guide to seal his/her character successfully. Thank you.

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I'm sure if there was a public test server and this anti-wallhack was only implemented on that server first, people would have spotted the problem early so it wouldn't have caused trouble to lots of people on the normal servers.
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I love it. Your calendar is so beautiful. And thanks for the tuto.

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Ever consider adding the size 1920 x 1080? I use your wide screen version, it just stretches the pictures a bit. I love your desktops!

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Hi...I just came across this website....its been awhile since I have done any scrapbooking...I have only used Scrapbook Factory Deluxe for any of my digital scrapbooking. Do you have to have a special program to be able to download these desktops??? I could sure use some help! I have been very intimidated by the Photoshop software...both skill and price..


Another beautiful desktop--thanks so much! I love that you've been using 3 photos lately. I finished my SP calendars last week, and they should be here today!


Thanks so much - I love your desktop designs! I do one every month :)

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This is really pretty. Thank you!


Thank you!


Are the picture frames supposed to be transparent so we can layer photos underneath? It doesn't seem to be working with my software, PhotoImpression. When I attempt to layer, photos aren't showing through. Am I missing a step?

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Im Vivi from Brazil(RJ) and Im very happy to found this blog. Thank you so much to share it with us.

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