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So, we are moving on to March - and I hope you like the new desktop

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I haven't been on the computer much lately (well...emails keep us busy) to design - but I'm getting back to work now and designing a couple of new kits! Hopefully they won't take me the usual two months lol!


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This year seems to be flying by already!
I always loving seeing the new desktop creation...although sometimes it is hard to let the previous month go...this year seems to be flying by already!

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very good baby! So cute,come on,sharing more!


I just discovered your site from a tutorial on Clover Lane. I hadn't tried digital scrap booking before but I'm looking forward to it now! I used a page in my new header and I can't wait to try some real projects. Thanks!

Elisha Reese

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful desktops you create! I look forward to them every month!! Being a technology teacher, it's something that I see and appreciate all throughout the day. :o)

Although...I always find myself buying the kits used. LOL!


Thanks so much! Very creative.


So beautifull as usual ! This is a Perfect Layout ! Will use it asap ! Hugs from France !

Leti Hernandez

Love your desktops! Thank you for sharing!


hope you are well. thank you, as always, for sharing. looking forward to your new releases.


Oops! Just figured out how to add a photo!! Didn't realise the inside of the frame was cut out! Tx.


Great designs. How do you add a photo?


as usual, lovely! thanks!


love lvoe lvoe this one! Perfect for my birthday month!

Rachel Berry

Love the new desktop!!! I use them EVERY month and I have to say THANK YOU for sharing your incredible talent!!!


HEY! I just found your site. Awesome!!! Fantastic =) Would someone mind shooting me a quick e-mail & telling me how to put a photo in it? This is my first time using anythign like this. I was trying to do it with Gimp, that's all I have, but I couldn't figure it out. I'd be VERY THANKFUL! You can e-mail me at [CLR underscore LPC at yahoo dot com]. Thanks! Love your work. Looking at your new kits!

Yara Voi

OMG, it's a beautiful desktop. Thank you!


Love it!!!!! Thank U so much for sharing!:)


I always loving seeing the new desktop creation...although sometimes it is hard to let the previous month go...this year seems to be flying by already!


I found this site last month, and I really looked forward to March. I am not disappointed. Thanks


I look forward to these every month! Thanks SP!


Love it! Thanks!


Love it!! Thank you so much!


I love, love, love this one! Thank you so much for sharing!
Best wishes from Germany


Thanks so much for sharing! I always look forward to what you've created next!! :)

Jen Dipzinski

This is fabulous!! Thank you so much for the beautiful desktop! Can't wait to see the new kits!


very sweet, thank you!!


Thanks for sharing with us!


beautiful as always.. btw, I can't wait for you new kits.. hopefully you can finish 'em soon :)

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