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Really beautiful work...love the textures! Would love it if you did more of these, simply lovely!!! :)

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I tried it and it works - thanks a million!

5Star Digital Scrapbooking

gorgeous thanks so much for the wonderful desktop!

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Thank you so much! My mom isn't able to visit us (due to illness) so each month I send her a new desktop image with the girl's pictures in them (2 months and 3 years old). She loves them and they brighten her day and as a busy mom of two now they're quick and easy for me to make. Thank you!


These are gorgeous thanks. I'm new to digital scrapping but your site is so inspirational. Thank you too for the freebies. So much time and effort gone into these. I will be visiting the shop soon.


I love the May Desktop.... it is so great to have the calendar in the middle as it shows up much better! Thanks for doing the desktop every month!


BEAUTIFUL!! Is this all from the Sprout kit?? Loving the pinks and oranges--but I don't see oranges in the preview of the kit??


A bit late but I'm off to add my photos to this gorgeous desktop. Much appreciated. Thank you.


IT's so cute! Thank you so much!!!


Thank you! I'm so glad I fond your desktops - they're lovely!


Love it! Reminds me of a quilt!


Love it!!!! Thank U for sharing!:)


Perfect desktop! Love your designs. Thank's for sharing :)


Oh this one is AMAZING!!! You are fabulous as always!!!



I LOVE it! Thank you so much for sharing:)


I am also having trouble with the link. could you please fix thanks so much.


i also look forward to each new month's desktop. It's like a nice little present to look forward to. However, when I tried to download this one it says the link is broken. Can you fix it, pleeeeease!


Beautiful! Thank you! What font did you use on this one? Love it!


Love it! Thanks so much for another beautiful desktop.


Absolutely, LOVE IT!!!

Life n Reflection

Thank You! Very cute!




I love this one!!! The square is awesome!!! Always look forward the "new" one! Thanks for sharing you talent!!!


this might be my favorite one yet! thanks so much!


Thank you, couldn't wait he he!


Thanks! These are ALWAYS beautiful (I'm loving the square, too!), and all the grandparents expect them now...heaven forbid I don't send one till the 3rd or 4th of the month! :o)
Have a great weekend!


Wonderful desktop! Thanks so much for you sweetness!!!


Very nice!! Thanks! My daughter loves to see her photos on the desktop when I update them.


Thank you so much fr putting these desktops together. I love adding my pictures every month and my family loves receiving the finished product :-) Much appreciation!


Thank you, Princess! I look forward to your desktops every month, they're always beautiful. :)

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