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ashley williams

I have been looking all over and haven't been able to find an Aug desktop that I liked...that is until I found yours. Thank you so much Karen, I love it!


Thank you. This is gorgeous. I'm gonna try to get it to work for this year.


Thank you so much for the beautiful desktop! :) I DLed it and it found a nice home on my desktop ;-)! It was so beautiful I had to go purchase the kit too! :)

~ Dani


Love your desktop calendars. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.


Thank you so much for the desktop! I am very new to digital scrapbooking and I had a blast "fixing up" my new desktop. I appreciate your willingness to share your talent and time!




Love the desktop calendar; thanks so much for sharing.


Thank you for the desktop...gorgeous!!!! :)

Jennifer Hughes

love the freebie, thanks so much for sharing. I just started using the desktops. I love having a totally cute and refreshed new desktop every month. It also encourages me to take cute pictures to put in it.

Ashley Bailey

Thanks, Karen for making one that fits my laptop!! That was great and a wonderful time saver!! :D:D


Thank you so much Karen for making this and sharing it with us!!! Thanks Kristie for posting it for us to enjoy :)


Love the desktop Karen-thank you so much for making it and sharing it with us! Thanks Kristie for posting it for us :)


Love the desktop Karen-thank you so much for making it and sharing it with us! Thanks Kristie for posting it for us :)

Christine McGee

THANKS SO MUCH!!! This is SO cute! I love it!


Thanks for the beautiful desktop!!


Beautiful desktop by Karen! Thank you so very much!


thanks for your great desktop!


Please thank Karen for the desktop, thank you SO MUCH for providing these, the computer is in a central location and it's been so nice to have such a beautiful background each month!! Thanks a bunch!!!!


Thank you for the fabulous desktop! I am loving all your new goodies in the store. :)

Diana D

Thank you for the great August Desktop. Love the larger edition. Looks great on my laptop.
I am so loving the French Countryside. Am on my way to get it now. And the tiff font and alpha and the cute little French Countryside album and I should resist the little Painted Summer cutie, but what the heck!! Just have to have that alpha. Love your stuff!


Thank you for the cute desktop!


love ... LoVe ... LOVE this desktop!
Thank u 100 times over!


Cute layout!!! and thank you for the desktop - fabulous!!


I love desktop calendar and this one is too hot!


Thank you for the desktop, I love it!!

Off to shoppe!


thanks for the desktop
it's like always , GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy Gallagher

Thank you so much!

Carrie Whiteley

I have just found the monthly desktop for August and I love it!! I have a question though...is there a way to add a pic to it? Mine is showing two polaroid frames with nothing in them and if I can add a pic, I would like to. Just not sure how it works. Thanks for your help!


thank you for this!!!!!


Thank you so much for this wonderful page.

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

thanks so much for the desktop! You did a great job with this Karen and I'm so happy to have a widescreen version :)


And again a month has passed by, time flies when you're having fun. But that's not a bad thing, because the new month brings us another gorgeous desktop !! Karen ,thank you so much, it is beautiful !


YEAH!! I already grabbed the lovely desktop and changed it to august two days early it was so pretty! :)



Just found your site! I love the desktop layouts - they should make my work PC a lot less boring.


thank you so much...


Thank you so much for sharing the desktop! I love it! You're super talented and very generous, Karen...THANKS!


thanks for the awesome new desktop! i have gotten SO many compliments on my awesome desktops since i started using the SP ones! Karen - you rocked this one! thanks for your generosity!


Karen, thank you so much for this awesome Desktop Page!!!
I really love it!!!

The Page is really great too! Love this Kit! Have byed it too and scrap with it! So fun to work with it!!!
The new Items are really amazing! Love them!
Thank you SO much for your great Work!



Thanks - it´s beautiful


Thanks so much for the august desktop calender, I really love your work Karen.


i always love these! thank you!


Gorgeous desktop!! thanks so much :)

Vicki (Chickivaney)

Thanks so much to Karen & yourself for the desktop!

Mary Newman

I purchased the Paint Me Happy. I love the happy alpha...any possiblity of seeing the whole alpabet in them? Thanks for the desktop you are always so generous. Love all your new releases. Such wonderful talent.


Fabulous desktop, thank you for sharing it in widescreen! I love the new Paint Me Happy set, it's so bright and cheery it makes me smile.


Love, love, love the desktop in the wide version and all of the adorable new items!


Great job on the desktop - the colors & design are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!


Ya got me! Well, I got your goodies really, lol... thanks so much for the wonderful desktop calender! I have to say that there's one bad thing about your calendars... there's only 28-31 days to use them! Lol. I love them and your special! I picked up a couple of albums and love the bonus brag book too!!!! Thanks so much! :D

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