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Tory Burch

ous! Thank you so much for taking time from your vacation and busy schedule. That is way beyond necessary and it is so greatly apprciated!!! Hope you are enjoying yourself!!!

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I am certainly thankful to you for providing us with this invaluable info. My spouse and I are truthfully grateful, precisely the computer data we needed.


I love your desktops! I love how you leave some blank space to put all of the desktop icons. I have been checking a lot lately to see what you will come up with for February! I was wondering, do you ever create the desktop in 1280 x 1024? Maybe nobody else uses this size, but I do. Right now, I download the 1280 x 800 and then resize it. Sometimes it looks a little wonky when I resize it. Thanks for your beautiful desktops! I LOVE Shabby Princess


This is gorgeous. Thank you.


I just found your website, and I love it already! You're my style...hou'd you know just what I love? Can't wait to see more...



Beautiful as always! Thank you!!!!


Thank you!!!! Fantastic desktop! I want your designes in real papeeerrr!!!!! That would be absolutely fabulous!!!! :):)


Hi, I really hate to pester you, but I'm new to digital scrapbooking, and am working with a program I have never used before, pspX2, I was a Gimp user for a long time..anyhow, I downloaded one of your free sets earlier, and I have no clue how to use them in the program...do I import them, place them in a certain file, or convert the images to a file? Any response would be wonderful, and greatly appreciated! Thanks for the amazing work!


Thanks for the June desktop. I appreciate the freebies as a new scrapper!


Thanks so much for the beautiful desktop! I wanna customize it with my own pictures but I don't know how. How do I go about doing that?

Michelle Filo

gorgeous Kristie :) I cannot wait to see your kit at DST :D

beatriz jennings

Beautiful creations!! :)


TYSM! will be waiting for July's desktop! :)

Andrea D

WOW! This is so beautiful! I just LOVE those colors!! Thank you for sharing!!

Digital Scrapbook Faves

Your desktop freebie has been added as a favorite today on Digital Scrapbook Faves. Thank you for sharing!


Priscilla Hedlin

thank you :D


You've been tagged :D

hmm--if it didn't show the tag --

go to my blog :P - www.parentsonwheels.com/blog


Hi I just love your site ... but as I look at layouts and examples I notice people have a torn page look... how do I do that in Photoshop elements?


Love it once again...thank you so much!


Beautiful, thanks! :)


Ok, so I'm loving these desktops...unfortunately I just came across the blog...weird since I visit the site often but I've been in another world lately and never ocurred to me to check the blog. Anyway, I'm having difficulty putting my own pictures into the desktop...can someone guide me on this? Thank you.


Thank you very much for this beautiful, serene desktop. I love downloading your desktops every month, they really make my computer unique!

Theresa Hernandez

Awesome, Kristie!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


What a beautiful desktop background! Thank you so much! I love that kit, it's so fresh, not too feminine, not too masculine. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and thanks again!


I love the colors in this kit. Thanks so much for sharing.


Thank you for this lovely desktop.


Thank you for the beautiful desktop wallpaper


Thank you so much for another beautiful desktop!

Cheryl G

Thanks for sharing. Love the colors!


Thanks Kristie!!


Yea! So happy to find this this morning. Thanks so much for sharing! Your calendars are always so wonderful.


Thank you! i always love your calendars!


Thanks so much! This is gorgeous. I love it!


Thank you for the desktop! As always, it is wonderful and definitely worth the wait!! I have this kit and it's one of my favorites, too!!


Thank you so much for this desktop!! It is great, as always!! I love using these! Bless you for sharing!


Thank you so much for the great, beautiful, wonderful desktop!! :D
I love your work!!


been waiting for this..

thank you so much..!!


I LOVE this desktop! Thank you SO much!


Thank you so much for this GORGEOUS desktop! It was defintely worth the wait! Your generousity is greatly appreciated!


your desktops are the best! thank you so much!


O.k., you got me over to DST, where I learned about the Gold membership and since you're the featured designer next month, just had to join!!


Thanks!!! I look forward to your new desktop every month!! I really appreciate that you'd take time from your vacation to create this for us!!! Hope you are having a fantastic time!!!! HUGS!!!

Heather Scott

Thank you so much, I've been waiting for it, and it's def worth the wait. Thank you!!!!!! I love it!


Yeah! Thanks for the desktop! Enjoy your vacation!


Thank you! Very much appreciated!


Thank you! I was lost without it. I love your designs, and look forward to it every month.

Erin S.

LOVE the desktop! Thank you! :)


Thank You so much. I have been checking your blog every day, looking for the new desktop. So excited to see it. Hope you have a great vacation. Thanks again!!!


So glad you're enjoying yourself! Thank you for the beautiful desktop. I have both D&D and Twirl and was trying to guess which one you would use this month. LOL It is gorgeous!


You are so generous! Thank you so much for taking time from your vacation and busy schedule. That is way beyond necessary and it is so greatly apprciated!!! Hope you are enjoying yourself!!! Thank you!!

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