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ous! Thank you so much for taking time from your vacation and busy schedule. That is way beyond necessary and it is so greatly apprciated!!! Hope you are enjoying yourself!!!

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Ali J

Hi Shabby Princess! I am dying for new shabbilicious scrapbook stuff. The winter blues have set in and I have no inspiration. I am sending out good design vibes and hoping that your anxious loyals like me will be able to spend money in your store soon. Please? Pretty Please? Anything? *hoping, smiling waiting* ; )

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Happy New Year!

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Laura Wiles

Just wondering how you got the sidebar buttons on this blog to show up? I used one of your blog kits and got my banner to show up w/o any problems, however, I don't know how to put the buttons on my blog. I use TypePad (Plus) but can also use Blogger if it's easier. Anyone help? Do I need HTML code for the banner and buttons?


I love you site it's wonderful!!! Can you tell me the recipe for your enchilada dish it looks so good!!!!

Andrea D

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the gorgeous desktop!!


Those enchilada's look so good! Glad your Christmas was pleasant. :) Thanks for all the nice things you do for us.

Bridgett Owens

Thank you so much for the free desktop! I love it!!!


Thank you for the Desktop! It's gorgeous.


I have no clue how to do this but I love the idea of having this as a desktop...what I love even more are peoples blogs that have your stuff on it. Are you up for hire?

Mary C. Anderson

Your photos are all incredible. The homemade enchiladas that you made look so delicious! Your desktop calendar is awesome and that little baby boy is beautiful! His eyes are so big. :)

I will try downloading and installing your calendar. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us.



I love purple! thanks soooooo much!

Account Deleted

Thanks for the desktops.
Wish you and your family have a great new year~~


Love the desktop! Thanks! Would you mind posting the recipe for those enchilladas? They look divine!


Happy New Year and thanks for the desktop!


Love this desktop, as always! You're the best!


Thank you for another beautiful desktop! Happy New Year!


Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful! I love it and whenever a visitor see's it - they LOVE it and I tell them where to go! And those Enchiladas look wonderful... where in the world did you find that recipe! Thanks for all!


Yay, a new free kit! Your photography is beautiful, too. Thanks for the desktop!


Yay, a new free kit! Your photography is beautiful, too. Thanks for the desktop!

Mary Elizabeth

Cute as always. QUESTION: What method do you use when printing your pages for albums? Do you print at home or send off?


You have the best photos of food! I love it. Thanks so much for the desktop each month. Have a Happy New Year!

Jennifer S

Another beautiful desktop... i was wondering, have you thought about making the desktops up ahead of time, at the beginning of the year? If you did that and were to offer it at a decent price, I would buy them all right now and make a printed calendar to hang on my wall.

Lenette Hussey

Love the January Desktop! Can you please tell me where you got your dishes at?! I am in love with them!!!! :)


thanks for the desktops! There always so beautiful. This is the first time i've actually changed my desktop. Always had it real simple and i love it. So thank u! Sounds like u had a good christmas! And the calendars are always a hit! My whole family loves them. Thank u so much! Hope u have a happy new year!


Great desktop. Thanks.


Happy New Years to you also!! Thank you so much for the great desktop! Can't wait to see your new products!!!


Thanks so much for the new desktop!! Hope you have a great 2009!! looking forwards to more great desktops!


Thanks again. You are super sweet to do this every month. I'm always excited to see what the next one will be! Happy New Year!


Thank U--always look forward to the new desktop! =)


thank you for a beautiful desktop!


Thank You for sharing monthly desktops. I look forward to seeing what you have done and know that whatever it is, it will be awesome! Thanks!


Thank you so much for another wonderful desktop. I look forward to your lovely treasures every month!


Thanks so much for the desktop. I just love it. What is the website for the enchaladas?? They look so good!!!


Thank you for another great desktop!! Love your work! Happy New Year!


I always await your delightful desktops! Thanks and many many blessings for the new year.


Happy Holidays! Thanks for Jan's desktops!


Thanks for the beautiful desktop! Your enchiladas look delicious and what a gorgeous tree!


Thank you so much. Always one of the highlights of my month. You are so incredibly talented. Wishing you and yours the happiest in the New Year.

Janet M

As always, BEAUTIFUL and FUN. I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2009, your designs are always the highest quality, most versatile and gorgeous on the market. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.


thank you for the great new desktop-page. I wish you a great and healthy new year!


Thank you so much for another beautiful desktop!

Martha Roper

You are the best! Thank you for the wonderful desktop calendars each month. I can hardly wait for them to come out. Each one is So beautiful. Thank you for your generosity.


Thank You so much for the desktops!! I always look forward to them!! Happy 2009!!

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