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Crafty Rose

These are really excellent layouts. ok, we'll link to them in an upcoming post... stay tuned.



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i love th wallpaper!
can't wait for your new available downloads of scraps! they are all so fabulous! :D


I loved Sept. and Oct. Thanks! I really like the black frames on the Oct. desktop and didn't see them in the Boo kit. Are they available somewhere on your website?
Thanks, again,


just found your website! love the wallpaper! and i linked it on my blog! :)

Elisha Reese

Thank you so much for all the free desktops. I look forward to the new one every month. In fact, all of my students come running into my classroom on the 1st to see what the new one will look like!


I love, love this new desktop! I can't wait for the kit to come out!


When is the new free kit coming ?

love your work :)


You always have the...cutest...things!!! Thank you for sharing your talents!!!!


Thanks bunches...my 'puter will be happy!


Adorable! Thank you!

Jen Strange

I LOVE IT! thank you, dearest!!!


I always look forward to my monthly desktop change! Thank you!


I love your desktops!


Cute and fun for the holiday! Thank you!


The new kit looks like it will be tons of fun! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Jenny Dipzinski

This could possibly be my favorite desktop!! Thanks so much for sharing and brightening my day! Can't wait to see the new stuff!!!

Katie J

Love it- thank you! I never got September's put on my screen so I've really been looking forward to October!


Love all your desktops, (I just wish there was also a Mac version with the blank space on the right)thanks!


I love how you always leave a lot of room on the left so you can still see the icons...great planning on your part, plus the bonus of really great designs. I love your work! Thanks so much for sharing.


How adorable! Looks like such a fun kit! Thank you so. Have a great day!!


Gorgeous as always. Thanks for sharing! :)

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